HHH Milly **SOLD**


D.O.B. - 06/14/2022

Milly’s marks make her look angry, but she’s sweet as can be!

Grab the popcorn! Her bloodline is about to produce one for the books!

Unique Markings: Mostly red hide with white downward diagonal marks over eyes.

Name creativity: Dam – Maggie +Sire – Bully = “Milly”


Milly parted with HHH to a new pasture on 4/19/24!

Hhh Milly

Price: Not For Sale

  • HHH Milly **SOLD**
  • BWS Stroker aka "Bully" **SOLD**
  • Judd's Maggie
  • BWS Holy Moses
  • BWS Miss Hillary
  • BWS Prospect
  • Judd's Buttercup