About Us

Make Heifers Great Again®

High Headed Heifers is a Texas based Watusi Cattle Ranch that was established in 2020. Lacy, the owner, grew up in the Plains of Texas. However, to everyone’s surprise, she didn’t grow up with cattle. She’s a Radiation Therapist by day, and Cattle Rancher on the side. It was 2019 when she met her husband and she then discovered this breed, and she quickly fell in love. She always thought Watusi were beautiful and unlike anything she had never laid her eyes on before. While working the cattle, Lacy noticed how gentle and docile they were, and knew she wanted to do more with this breed. She told her husband that she wanted to create her own cattle brand, but she wanted to take it one step further. She wanted to create a brand that became known for their quality of cattle and known to be of a higher standard. That was when she created “High Headed Heifers”, and her vision was going to be unlike any other out there.

Hhh Jaax


Headed Heifers would be a brand that was known for the highest quality heifers and cows that roamed the pastures of Texas, and would compete with some of the best out there. Lacy developed this brand with requirements, and requirements that would be non-negotiable.

She grew to love her cattle, and wanted to raise the bar as well as set a new standard of quality for cattle ranchers and people seeking this breed. That’s when she came up with her slogan, “Make Heifers Great Again”. 

So, what makes a heifer or cow meet the requirements to be a part of HHH?

  • 3 things our girls must have:

    • Good Temperament: This means no aggression whatsoever. You can walk in the pasture, with your kiddos, side by side, and never worry about being harmed. It should be noted that our girls, along with any animal, still have natural instincts and although they don’t intend to hurt, caution should still be taken for best safety.
    • Phenomenal Pedigree: Nothing but the best of the best. We produce big body & big horns
    • Beauty: our girls will always be a showstopper.

      We allow our girls to be Foundation Pure or Native Pure. While most people feel FP is the only way to go for good bloodline, we feel that’s not necessarily true. 

      Our mission is to raise only the best of the best. If any of our herd doesn’t meet these requirements, they’re not qualified to be HHH, and we make the decision to transfer them to our other herd, BRCC. So you can rest assured, you will always get a great gal from our herd!

      We invite you to take a look at our herd and join us to “Make Heifers Great Again”!

      Happy viewing! 


      Lacy & the heifers.