HHH Queen Republicans aka “Ducky” – deceased


D.O.B. - 09/03/2021

“Ducky” is one of our two only black & white hefiers on the ranch!

What makes “Ducky” unique? She has the profile of a duck on her side! 

Sire: Burnett’s Republican

Grand Sire: Heikens Ark Bon Fire

Grand Dam: China Doll


Dam: Burnett’s Queen Amina

Grand Sire: Shadow’s Excalibur

Grand Dam: G D Royal Dutchess


Sadly, Ducky passed away 9/3/2023. 

She was really coming into her own and we were so excited to see what she would turn into.

Rest In Peace, baby. 

Hhh Queen Of The Republicans Aka "ducky"


Price: $3,000

  • HHH Queen Republicans aka "Ducky" - deceased
  • Burnett's Republican
  • Burnett's Queen Amina
  • Heikens Ark Bon Fire
  • China Doll
  • Shadows Excalibur
  • G D Royal Dutchess