HHH Queen Republicans aka “Ducky”


D.O.B. - 09/03/2021

“Ducky” is one of our two only black & white hefiers on the ranch!

What makes “Ducky” unique? She has the profile of a duck on her side! 

Sire: Burnett’s Republican

Grand Sire: Heikens Ark Bon Fire

Grand Dam: China Doll


Dam: Burnett’s Queen Amina

Grand Sire: Shadow’s Excalibur

Grand Dam: G D Royal Dutchess


Sadly, Ducky passed away 9/3/2023. 

She was really coming into her own and we were so excited to see what she would turn into.

Rest In Peace, baby. 


Price: $3,000

  • HHH Queen Republicans aka "Ducky"
  • Burnett's Republican
  • Burnett's Queen Amina
  • Heikens Ark Bon Fire
  • China Doll
  • Shadows Excalibur
  • G D Royal Dutchess