Top Rail Ranch

This Is A Post/news Etc

Top Rail Ranch is where our girls frolic & graze! We moved our herd to the ranch in late 2021 from South of Dallas-Fort Worth to Mineola, Texas. Top Rail Ranch spans over 400 acres in East Texas and holds our two different cattle companies, HHH & BRCC. 

Top Rail Ranch got its name whenever our ranch partner was outside with his son, holding him on the top rail of the fence, gazing in admiration over the beauty of the cattle and the land. Looking at the picture of their backsides on the fence, it was mentioned that one day his son would be able to to reach the top rail of the fence all by himself. We could forsee our futures at the ranch and watching our families grow, and then we came up with the idea that it would be cool to compare the growth of the kiddos to the top rail of the ranch throughout the years. It was then that “Top Rail Ranch” was mentioned and seemed very fitting.

It is within these rails that we’ll share growth, happiness, endless memories, Texas sunrises & sunsets, and a neverending appreciation of our blessings God has given us.

We can’t wait to share our love of our cattle, the graciousness of God, and the many blessings he has given us with y’all!